How Does It Work?

Go 2 Care provides direct prevention, rehab, and wellness services online.

  • Get second opinions or treatment from our credentialed Physical and Occupational Therapists.
  • Manage common conditions without needing to visit a clinic.
  • Schedule appointments day, night, or any time in between.
  • Personalized solutions and plans with every appointment.
  • Private consultations between you and a dedicated specialist
  • Priority Referrals to onsite treatment when you need it.

What types of problems can be consulted?

Many simple injuries or conditions can be discussed and addressed with one of our specialty trained and experienced physical and occupational therapists or health experts in one or two sessions. Online sessions mean you will see your specialist face-to-face through your device (computer, smart phone, iPAD, notebook, etc.) at a scheduled time that you pick.

Our rehabilitation specialists can also assess, treat, and provide rehab and wellness health programs for the same types of injuries, conditions, and diseases that are treated in person at facilities, clinics and at home. You will receive a personalized health program and FREE reports with each visit.

What technology do I need to start?

All you need is any device that connects to the internet or a wireless network and has a web camera. (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer).